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This afternoon the Tosclets, Marshmallow and Truffle, are moving to a new home.

I've been thinking about this for a while, and although having them grow up with me has been great, and they have grown up into sweet-natured, affectionate and inquisitive cats, they need more space now than I can offer them. And the main sufferer has been Tosca, whose nose has been out of joint for a while.

So, a new home has been found for them with a young Barrow family who have a house with space for the Tosclets to hunt in. They won't be far away, and maybe I'll see them from time to time. But I am sure they will be happy where they are going, and Tosca will be happy to revert to a deep one-to-one relationship with me.

I'm just enjoying my last few hours with them, before I take them to their new home this afternoon. I'm very sad about it, but I know it's the best for all concerned.
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In the airing cupboard

Must have been cold last night, because we were taking refuge in the airing cupboard when I got up.

Wuss Puss

Nov. 3rd, 2007 12:02 pm
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Marshmallow is taking an interest in Out. He's been like this for a while, actually, but by now you would think he'd have got the idea, wouldn't you? No, not my Marshmallow!

He asks to go Out, so I let him, keeping the door ajar so he can come straight back if he wants to. He goes down to the bottom of the steps and juts sits there. If I go looking for him, he's still sitting there, but when he sees me he shouts and shouts and shouts until I go back up tyhe steps, when he follows me and runs indoors.

Yesterday I caught him attempting to abduct Pumpkin Bear from my bed...
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A tosclet has stolen my glasses. My varifocals, I mean, because these days it has become impossible to read in bed without them, so when I turn in I tend to drop them on the floor by the bed. And anything on the floor is, as anybody knows, the property of the Felidae, to do with as they please.

None of them are telling me where they put them. Never mind, all Tosclet booty eventually ends up under the sofa...
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You can't beat a good cuddle.
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In the Airing Cupboard

We seem to have staked a territorial claim to the airing cupboard...
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Tosca and the Tosclets

We may be growing up fast now, but we still like to take our afternoon nap together with Mummy.

Except that when Grandma tries to sneak up on us with a camera, we like to wake up so we can pose properly.
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Truffle favours the windowsill for her repose.
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This seems to be a favourite hanging-out place for Marshmallow lately - poking out of the bottom end of my bed!


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