Jan. 6th, 2011 11:39 pm
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Here's something for anybody who's missed a Tosca fix while I've been away from this place.
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Morning Cuddle

The minute I get up I have to sit for a few minutes in my swivelly chair, which for some reason is Tosca's favourite place for her morning cuddle. She is very emphatic about her need for a cuddle the minute I get out of bed.

She can be a handful but the strained look on my face is the result of trying to get a picture while maintaining the cuddle!
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We haven't done a Tosca picture for quite a while, have we?

Here she is, being characteristically dynamic*. Well, I think she's there amongst that tangle of paws and tail. Ah yes, you can see she's peeking!

And here she is again, looking just a little livelier this time.


*Actually she had just had a manic ten minutes of tearing around and was now resting.
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I'm so pleased to have the old Tosca back.

When I woke up this morning, she was in bed with me, snuggled up to my bum.
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Last night I hennaed my hair and stretched out on the sofa to watch a film (a cracker, an old favourite, more of that later).

For the duration of the film. Tosca stretched herself out along the length of my thighs and gave every impression of watching it along with me.

Later, she spent much of the night curled up by my feet and purring gently.

I sense I have a very relieved pussy cat!
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Tosca and the Tosclets

We may be growing up fast now, but we still like to take our afternoon nap together with Mummy.

Except that when Grandma tries to sneak up on us with a camera, we like to wake up so we can pose properly.
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Poor Tosca isn't getting the attention she used to get. Maybe that's a good thing.

Aren't we a fine, matronly, figure of a cat these days? What became of the delicate little flibbertigibbet of old?

She's so placid these days she hasn't bitten me for weeks. But she still likes to help out at the computer!
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Happy Family

"But we don't want to be grown up. We want to snuggle up to Mummy!"
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I'm back! It's taken way too long to get my broadbean sorted, but it's good to be online again. It's amazing how many books you get through when you don't have the 'net! (That;s reading them not, alas, writing them...)

You missed me didn't you? Go on, own up? Of course you did! No, really...

Look, just humour me, will you?

You'll be wanting your kitten update I expect. Well, the Tosclets are growing up amazingly fast. At seven-and-a-bit weeks, Truffle (definitely a girl) and Marshmallow (definitely a boy) are significantly older than Tosca was when she came to live with me. It shows, I think. They are still being allowed an occasional suckle, although these days Tosca mainly watches placidly from a distance while they race around together, tumbling and getting into everything, and growing up together is really good for them. I don't think anybody could say that Tosca is the nicest-natured cat who ever lived, but these two both enjoy snuggling up to me for an occasional break from rampaging about the place; something Tosca never did voluntarily.

Oh, and if you want a kitten - tough! They're staying with me!



Mother and Son

Kitten Wars
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I'm sure you can manage one more!

Mother and Tosclets are now ensconced in the new place. I thought it best to take them over before the real big stuff gets moved. Tosca was unsettled, ran around anxiously for a while and growled a lot, but the Tosclets, as you see, have got a lot of exploring to do even though their new home is still pretty empty. Marshmallow is going to be a huge cat - just look at his great lolloping paws!

Oh, and because this really is the last for a while, here's a bonus of Truffle in my hand.

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This may be the last entry for a while. Enjoy while it lasts!
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We love our Mummy and our Mummy loves us.

Are you bored with these yet? I'll be going offline for a while in the next few days so there won't be many more.
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Let's give Mummy a hard time!
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All good friends and brothers together, after the fight.

They want to wander now, but Tosca won't let them wander too far.

I tried to start the weaning process - bought a small tin of kitten food and put a spoonful on a saucer. The Tosclets didn't know what to do with it, but then Tosca came along and scoffed the lot. Bach to the drawing board...
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Things are happening fast all of a sudden. The first think is, the Tosclets now look just like baby cats instead of gerbils. Bad news for [ profile] katisha50 is that the fur is growing on their paws so they aren't so pink. The good news for [ profile] lyzzybee is that their ears have opened up and they can be seen twiddling to locate sounds.

They are on their paws quite a bit now, practicing walking, and I caught Truffle attempting a sprint, though with his wobbly legs it looked quite comical. They are also starting to play together, batting each other with their front paws.
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Three weeks old today!

We're on the open carpet now. Not moving very far yet because we are a bit wobbly on our legs (especially Marshmallow who seems rather big for his legs) but it won't be long now until we're up and down the stairs.

Some like little furry ears, and some like little pink paws. But just look at those little spiky tails - those get me every time!
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I woke up with kittens again this morning, and even got my fingers licked by Truffle.

Look how his colouring is changing. At first I thought he would be just-a-tabby, but although he has clear tabby markings he';s turning the most gorgeous smoky blue.

I got lots of pics today as I changed the bedding around them. You can always see the whole lot here
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I'm tempted to invite captions for this one...

About three o'clock this morning I woke up from a deep (red wine-induced - the local Co-op is doing a very acceptable Chilean Cabernet knocked down to less than GBP 3.00) sleep to the tinkling of Tosca's bell. And the feel of something warm and fluffy and silky against my hand.

It was a Truffle. There was a Marshmallow too, somewhere near my knee.

I don't think this was another attempt to requisition my bed. I think it was Tosca's little coming-out ceremony. I went back to sleep and woke up with the Tosclets still snuggled up to me and Tosca watching proprietorially next to the bed.

They have been restored to the holdall now, and Tosca didn't object. She did allow me to let them do a photocall on my bed.
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I managed to catch them alone today, at last. This is the best picture yet, I think.
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Mum's got them under control again.

Last night Tosca bit my ankle, in the way she does when she wants me to know she's annoyed with me. I think she thinks I'm being an interfering grandmother and handling the Tosclets too much.


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