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Daresbury's Progress

I missed a Daresbury report last Friday; partly because I was busy on the Friday and partly because I didn't make much progress during that week.

But I've made up for lost time since. As you see Daresbury, complete with dangling paw, is now intact and comfortably reposed on an intact pouffe, with just some flowers and foliage at bottom right to go.

This morning I had to buy a packet of number 24 tapestry needles. Two needles have vanished into thin air during Daresbury's creation, the second yesterday when I stuck it into a safe place while I went to the loo and it had disappeared when I got back. Tosca was in my bedroom under the duvet at the time, but you know what cats are...
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I can't believe how far we've come this last week. I seem to be getting very adept at it, and making fewer mistakes.

I particularly enjoyed working the two big leaves at left.
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For the first time, Daresbury has to come off his hoop to be seen properly. I seem to have been working intricate flowers and foliage all week, but as you see I've nearly completed the top edge.
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Remember Piggy? She's now mounted and on the wall.

She looks remarkably simple compared to Daresbury (who continues to make steady progress).
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Actually he's not doing anything very much, but his environment is progressing.

He had a bit of a disaster this week. As you see, I ran up the right-hand side of the picture and a three-stitch deep layer from which to work downwards. It was only when I'd got to the end of the big block of solid colour that I discovered that the top didn't quite meet the bottom. I'd run one row too far up the side. Ha! So there was some unpicking to do. Fortunately, on account of that solid block of colour, not as much as there might have been. All is as it should be now.
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Daresbury on 25 September

Here's Daresbury again, a day early for his progress report because I'm off to Birmingham in the morning and I'm not taking him with me because by all accounts my weekend is going to be filled with things to do.

As you see, he now has part of a pouffe to repose on, and an earthenware pot to pose against, and a bit of background. There's some slog with big patches of uniform colour to come but also a lot of interesting stuff. I enjoyed working the pot, and I love the colours therein.
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Pussy's Progress

Here you are - meet the cross-stitch moggy, whom I have dubbed Daresbury because he looks so very pleased with himself as he slumbers in mid-fabric, legless and tailless. Have no fear, however. Daresbury's environment is starting to emerge. There's a bit of blue background, a bit of earthenware pot to the right, and the outline of some foliage to the left. Some stitching has crept across to either side of the picture, so you should have some idea of the final size of the picture given that it is square..
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New cross-stitch project - week 1

I bought the new kit on Monday and I've been working at it for much of the week.

It's much bigger than the last project. The fabric is also of a finer gauge (if that's the correct term - not so far between holes) and the pattern much more complex. I've been working in just four colours so far - black, two shades of grey and a greenish-grey. I'd be surprised if anybody does guess what it is at this stage although once you know what it is, it's obvious.


Sep. 5th, 2008 06:43 pm
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Didn't I do well!

She's not quite finished yet. See if you can spot the bit I wasn't able complete because there wasn't enough white thread. I shall have to get some more.

And yes, I know you can see a black thread through the fabric. It's been dealt with, ok!
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Piggy's Progress

A week or so later, look how well we're doing!
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Experiment in counted cross-stitch

This is my first attempt at a counted cross-stitch project, so don't be hard on me.

Can you see what it is yet?


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