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I haven't posted on here for ages.

I was beginning to fear, I think, that people were dropping away from Livejournal in favour of the fleshpots of Facebook and the succinctness of Twitter, but I've never really felt comfortable with Facebook, and Twitter too often leaves me unsatisfied (although it's great for reporting from a hospital bed.

So I never did chronicle the explosion in my head last may, and is consequences.

Ah well, for those who are still around (give us a wave, won't you, I hate addressing thin air), I'll be off tomorrow on the 09:22 to Preston for a pre-med assessment before next week's angiogram and, with a bit of luck, a bit of shopping (there's a Lush in Preston, amongst other things).
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Just for the hell of it, I went to Lancaster today. Actually although I didn't really need to go there, there were things I could usefully do when there. Like stocking up on the excellent fair-trade Brazilian Bruzzi coffee beans form Atkinsons, that finest of all coffee shops anywhere (unless anybody can convince me otherwise.) Atkinsons is always worth the voyage anyway, but there's also Burt's for top-notch sausages and black pudding, and the wholefood shop, and the ice-cream from a local farm (raspberry swirl, yummy) sold from a stand in Penny Street. Oh, and I bought a couple of plantains from a very friendly black lady in the market. I'd given up hope of finding plantains, to which I am very partial, up here!

It was a gorgeous day for it - bright and sunny despite yet another forecast of rain - and maybe it was my brightening mood but I struck up an interesting conversation with a travel agent on the train out, and another with a splendid old lady on the bus from Barrow station home.

Oh, and I caught a fleeting but unmistakeable glimpse of an avocet on the marshes between Silverdale and Carnforth from the train.

Tomorrow I have to go to the sorting office and find out who's been sending me packages without enough stamps on!


Dec. 21st, 2006 12:55 pm
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Ok, it's not Hotel Chocolat but a Thorntons chocolate shop with attached cafe is pretty sophisticated for Barrow. This place opened a couple of weeks ago at the prime town centre site at the Dalton Road/Crellin Street/Portland Walk junction.

And then the manager, a spotty yoof called Steve Beall from Whitley Bay, was caught mouthing off about the town on his MySpace page, and was found out by our local rag

Last I heard, he was being tarred, feathered, and strapped to the keel of a submarine in Devonshire Dock...
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No veg box this week and the veggies in the cupboard are looking decidely limp. So it's soup time.

Since I intend to be much more serious about soup in 2006 I bought a blender in Robert Dyas's sale. I just know it's going to be a sound investment.

I also picked up a vase from Pier - knocked down from £19.95 to £2.50!


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