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It's an almost perfect autumn day today, so a good day to put Monday behind me and get the old adrenaline pumping.

A good day, indeed, to get out round the docks, where such wind as there was blew at my back. The tide was out in the Bay and there were lots of autumnh waders to distract my attention. I upped the baseline by five minutes, runninga comfortable 45 minutes without a break.
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It's kinda lively out there today but I haven't run for a week so I made myself go out.

The MP3 player is playing up and I tried in vain to get it to play in a different order. While I was fiddling with it I scarcely noticed myself running but by the time I gave up I'd run for about eight minutes and rather fast at that. Into the wind.

Unfortunately the wind tends to exacerbate my asthma. It was particularly bad on the coastal section and I had to stop. In the end I ran about 45 minutes, being 20 minutes plus 25 minutes separated by a 10 minute recovery break.

One to write off as a bad day, I think.
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Forty minutes up to North Scale and back this morning. It was pleasantly mild but under broken cloud with not much sun and ever a few spots of raion. Over beyond the Duddon the Lakeland fells looked dramatic with alternating cloud and bright sunshine.

By the time I'd stretched and showered, the sun was shining from a cloudless sky!
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It was very windy today and I was looking for excuses not to go running. But discipline got the better of me and I set out around Walney with my earphones in.

It was more pleasant than I thought. A bit bumpy crossing the bridge, but the wind was at my back as I ran along the shore (the waves being decidedly frisky) and it wasn't really cold, even if it was dull as well as windy. It didn't rain, although it is raining now.

And I do seem to run significantly faster when there's a soundtrack to my running.
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I planned to run this morning but when I woke up it was pissing down. Ah well, I thought, there's always tomorrow.

But when I went to get some vegetables for tonight's pot au feu "Watership Down" I discovered that it was actually that rain that isn't too bad: soft and refreshing, borne on a mild southerly wind, and really rather pleasant. So I plugged in my earphones and set off.

A new route, too. Over the dock, up Greengate Street, a lap and a half of Barrow Park and the long slope down Abbey Road to finish. 40 minutes, breathing good, relaxed by the music. Great stuff.
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It's an absolutely beautiful day today (following a perfectly foul one yesterday). Count the sheep on Scafell clear, little wind, brilliant sunshine.

So I took myself out along the shore. Quite a hilly route and my breathing isn't great at the moment. I'm afraid I pulled up after 32 minutes but after a couple of minutes walking I finsihed the 40 minutes.

I'm minded to get myself a little cheapo mp3 player to run with. It needn't have a huge capacity - I'm not running round the world!
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Set off for a run on Walney this morning but at 1 km (the beginning of the lifting portion of the bridge) I ran into a brisk nor'wester loaded with hail. So I turned back intending to curtail the session. Instead I filled the 40 minutes comfortably weaving up and down the streets of Barrow Island in alternating sunshine and showers.
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I did 40 minutes round Walney this morning. It was another lovely morning but for some reason it felt like hard work. Possibly because despite what the chap from the Grauniad might say, Walney routes tend to be quite testing as the centre of the island is rather saucer-shaped. It felt good afterwards, though.

In other news: I have done what I have resolved to do every time I have made a trip involving an overnight stay in the last fifteen years - I've bought a bag on wheels. And I have discovered that it is also excellent for conveying one's shopping. Provided that said shopping does not include bottles of beer. Especially not when said bottles are of precious Belgian Duvel beer.

And my daughter regrets that she's unable to lunch with us on Sunday. Actually there's more to it than that, and it's going to take some assimilating. Meanwhile it's possible that I may be fragile over the weekend, but I'll try not to be a pain.
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Set out again totay, aiming to make amends for yesterday's debacle. Instead of racing off in a blue funk, I took it slowly and gently and made it easily up to the slag bank and back as far as the dock museum in a comfortable 40 minutes. Despite the alarming amount of ascent for a waterside run albeit including two stiff detours - one of which on a perfectly appalling potential ankle-twister of a tarmac path with roots trying to break through.

Must be feeling better then. I'm seeing the doc at 4.20 this afternoon.
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Went for a run. Took it way too fast in my agitated state. Broke down after 25 minutes.

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I've been a bad girl this week. With one thing and another I missed both Monday and Wednesday sessions. So I took myself out this morning.

Forty minutes, same route as last Sunday. Lovely day, warm autumn sunshine, still and misty out to sea.
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It's a lovely autumn day today - sunny, warm but not overly so, still. A bit of mist over the sea and the channel, which makes it look rather attractive.

I didn't try to emulate Friday's effort. Instead I crossed the bridge, looped round the South Walney estate, and then did the reverse of my usual shore path route via Ocean Road, Biggar Bank, Sandy Gap and back to the Promenade.

First thing this morning my head was telling me it didn't want to go, but my legs were ready for action!

Follow my route here.
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I went out for a run this morning, in dry and mild weather but under a sheet of stratocumulus (that's the really dreary cloud that covers the sky in uniform grey).

I set out away from Walney, towards the town centre and then by Cavendish Dock road for the really interesting route through the docks and back via Salthouse Mills. You can follow my route here.

It felt like hard work at first. But I completed 40 minutes.

And then I kept going. First I aimed for 45 minutes. Then I aimed for 50. Having conquered the hill up Salthouse Road to George's Square I thought what the hell, let's go for a whole hour.

58 minutes brought me almost home again. I had to do some jiggery-pokery up and down the streets to bring up the 60. But I did it - my first unbroken hour in two years.

I think that merits some chocolate, don't you?
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A gentle 40-minute jog this morning, up to North Scale and then, instead of turning at the Crown, continuing to cross the island by way of Cow Tarn Lane to West Shore Road. At this point an opportunity arises in the future to go north and take to the open sands at low tide and to run and run right up to the North End. For now, however, we have to go south and because of the rockiness of the beach south of here, and difficulties caused by coastal erosion and the intransigence of the Furness Golf Club who refuse to realign their holes to allow for the right of way to be made good along the coastal path, we must resort to dreary West Shore Road to return to the Promenade via Mill Lane. At the Promenade, 40 minutes is up. Lots of opportunity, though, for a longer run all the way back to the start.

It has been a lovely autmn day for it.

Thanks to modern technology, and to [livejournal.com profile] lyzzybee for pointing it out to me, you should be able to follow my route here.
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All right, I'm being a wuss. On this traditional Barrow Day (raining stairrods continuously since before dawn, blustery wind to challeng an umbrella) I haven't been for a run.

I did go to have a look at the new JJB Fitness Centre which opened for viewing today. I went inside and almost immediately somebody asked me if I wanted to be shown round the facilities. So I said yes. This is a gym on an industrial scale. All the kit is there in large numbers. No old-fashioned pulleys and weights though - all very slick. I investigated the costs and procedures of joining. Helen, my guide, was ready with the patter. Now, note this and answer the questions which follow. The £100 joining fee is cut to £15 before the official opening day, and on this "VIP Preview Day" it is waived altogether. The monthly off-peak membership fee is GBP 26.00, payable by Direct Debit. There is no further charge for use of the facilities. All sounds very reasonable. Now, if you want to join today:

[Poll #1254142]
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Being in a snit is good for me in one way. It makes me run better.

I did a very comfortable 40 minutes this morning. I took a new route, one I'd not explored before, and it proved to be a very attractive one, although definitely not one to attempt in bad weather. I went over the High Bridge, turned in front of Morrisons, and then ran right down Cavendish Dock Road (with an abortive digression along a dockside cul-de-sac) to the far end of Cavendish Dock, whereupon I turned to run along the causeway separating the dock from Morecambe Bay. Really scenic; really exposed; not to be attempted in a January sou'wester! From the end of the causeway there's a choice for the future - right along the Cumbria Coastal Way towards Rampside; left to the Salthouse Mills and back towards town.
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The sun's shining at last, and sunshine on the fells means that this morning's run has to be up the channel to North Scale and back for the stunning view of Scafell and friends. Thirty minutes, and by judiciously doing a circuit of the Crown car park I can arrange things so that the finish ends before the slope up to the bridge, even going up a couple of gears for a fast finish in front of the Ferry. (© 2008 Alliterations R Us)

Speaking of views, I'm investigation the possibility of a beach 'n' trail run from Askam to Foxfield (great pub at Foxfield, while waiting for the train back to Barrow), which is the sort of spectacular setting that gets you a full-page picture in Runners World.
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Just thirty minutes today. It didn't feel as effortless as Thursday's run. Maybe I wasn't as distracted. Anyway, it felt more like hard work.

I ran across the bridge and across Walney. There's quite a hill at about ten minutes as I climb up from Walney Promenade, and I do incline to speed up when faced with a hill. Maybe this is sheer perverseness of course, or maybe it just helps to get the hill out of the way. It's what saps the energy anyway. The advantage of this route is that, having got to the top and worked my way throughthe streets, there's the long, delicious downhill stretch from the George to the seaward shore at Sandy Gap, and then the path along the beach to Biggar Bank. After that there's another short hill but that's not too bad, and the descent to the marshes. The 30-minute finish is uphill whichever way you play it from there.

It was raining, but there was no wind at all, and it was that soft rain that's actually a pleasure to run in (less so to walk in)
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Just been for a run. Today wouldn't normally be a running day but I've missed the scheduled runs on Monday and Wednesday.

The schedule was only for 30 minutes but because I felt I needed punishing for all-round crapness I did 40, by a new route which took me on the mainland side of the Channel to the slag bank (the Council wants us to call them the "Hollywood Hills" but I and every other Barrovian says slag bank because that's what it is) and back as far as the Dock Museum. A couple of short detours, through the grounds of Furness College and through the trading estate, were required to avoid flights of steps.
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Another thirty minutes under my spare tyre! Actually thirty-one minutes because owing to sausage fingers I didn't actually start the watch until I'd been going for a minute.

Once again I ran up to the Crown at North Scale and back to enjoy the scenery. It was another lovely day, actually quite warm and a tad humid. The tide was right out so good views of the channel, but somewhat hazy and a bit murky over the fells. I ran comfortable and although it was nice to stop I could easily have gone on I think.

For my reward I've just had a lunch of bacon and eggs on an oatcake.


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