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The god-botherers have won a victory for thought-control - they've got a TV ad banned for 'insulting' Christianity, because it suggests a link between religion and eroticism. Well, there you go.

Tell me - is the lady here - Saint Teresa of Avila, by Gianlorenzo Bernini - having an orgasm? Or is she having an orgasm? Right there in the Chiesa di S Maria della Vittoria in Roma?

STOP PRESS: Members of the Geoplanarian Society have seized copies of "Around The World in Eighy Days" and have started a bonfire of them in Charing Cross Road for insulting their beliefs.
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I've never liked Jack Straw much, but what he said about the niqab the other day was right on the money and has since been twisted out of persctive.

In today's Grauniad, the Roman Catholic journalist Martin Newland has a rant about the right of him and others to express their faith without criticism.
Here's my response in Comment Is Free )
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For those who have missed it, there is a storm in a teacup in the UK over the case of nine Glasgow firefighters disciplined for refusing to hand out fire prevention leaflets at the Pride Scotia event.

Now, firefighters aren't exactly noted for their towering intellects but they ought to have been aware of the crassness of their rather insulting behaviour. My own view is that in being required to attend diversity training, and in one case being demoted, they got off very lightly. They should have been sacked. Bigotry has no place in a civilised society.

What's worse, though, is the queue of pundits lining up to support them, including the Archbishop of Glasgow, Mario Conti (good Scots name that! Surely not a Vatican plant?). As various religious groups sound off their venom, frankly it's time we stopped paying any attention to them.


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