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It's bright and sunny and breezy here. No storm overnight. Not like the storms night after night a couple of weeks ago. Although if you weren't living in these parts you probably wouldn't have heard about those. Only if they hit London do they matter...

In the first twenty-four hours I spent on Shetland in January 1993, the weather changed from pleasant, bright sunshine to heavy snow to a Force 13 gale. The Great Storm of October 1987 was Force 11 gusting to Force 12, just to give that a bit of perspective. Shetlanders take that in their stride and it never made the BBC news or the front pages of national newspapers. But then, Lerwick is a far-off place of which we know little!
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In idle moments I like to stimulate my hackles by reading frootloop right-wing blogs, if nothing else to convince me that I am at least partly sane in comparison to others.

These people, wherever they are in the world, seem to be exercised about one particular thing - that the BBC is in some way 'biased'. The idea is exemplified by this site.

The BBC, apparently, is disproportionately staffed by educated people, women, people from ethnic minorities and people who live in towns. Therefore it is institutionally biased against racism, sexism, homophobia, little-Englandism, blood sports, exploitation of the developing world, and the notion that the world is flat. There are hundreds of people all around the (mainly anglophone) world who have nothing better to do than to scrutinise every word in every BBC uttering for evidence of the above.

Me, I'm happy to let anybody think what they want. But I do believe that an educated, enlightened, thought-out opinion carries more weight than knee-jerk bigotry.

Thank goodness we have a BBC which isn't governed by commercial interests and isn't an uncritical mouthpiede of the state, no matter how hard those interests try to make it otherwise.
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Who are they? )
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After my five minute slot yesterday to mark the British version of World Book Day (the rest of the world marks it on 23 April but what the hell), I have been invited to contribute a ninety-second Thought For The Day to BBC Radio Cumbria, with the option of more Thoughts to come.

I've just written my script, and shortly I'll be off to the studio to record it. Wish me luck, won't you?


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