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On the back of a minibus seen in Michaelson Road, Barrow...

Literacy in the Landscape
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IT 'literacy' is fine, then. But not, I suppose, the other sort.

I'm rather touched by this one. The writer has, I think, gone to some lengths to get 'owing to' right. But oh dear - Butt me no Butt's!

To be fair, the writer has also got this right in the body of the text but once the stable door is open...

I also like the pedantic way the writer has given St a full stop (not in normal British usage) and given bus an apostrophe (rather quaint).

[What do you mean, the idea of closing St Mary's Butts is funny? I don't understand. 'Butts' was the name given to an area of open space used for archery practice and the road - which is very wide as it was laid out for trams - is named after the butts that once stood there.]
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I know a lot of people think the "due to/owing to" distinction is a lost cause, but even so you'd think the lawyers drafting a formal legal declaration would get it right, wouldn't you?

('due to' is an adjective phrase and can only qualify a noun or noun phrase. The rule is: if in doubt use 'owing to'. And if you don't know the difference, us' because of'.)
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Now I have this phone that takes pictures I have to find an excuse to used it, don't I? And this new project is not only where it comes into its own, but also lets me start something about one of the more irritatingly buzzy creatures in my headgear.

Like this one, on a minibus parked outside my house this morning:

If you pull Handel, do you hear the Water Music?

And this one, in the window of Partyland - a tacky shop in Reading's main drag:

Never were so many greengrocer's [sic] seen together in one place!

(Incidentally, given the distracting reflections in this picture, where you y9ou get a polarising filter for a phone camera?)


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