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It was charity night at the bridge club, in aid of Ulverston Inshore Rescue (a splendid body who devote themselves to rescuing people stranded on the sands of Morecambe Bay). I never win raffles, but I did tonight - after all the bottles had gone, of course. But look what I got - no complaints from me there.

Oh, and my partner and I did quite well after a crappy start - 5th out of 18, despite being patronised a couple of time by the club bossybootses.
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NSSEB 2007

Thank you [livejournal.com profile] lutrus for being my Easter Bunny and spoiling me rotten. And Happy Birthday to you too!


Dec. 21st, 2006 12:55 pm
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Ok, it's not Hotel Chocolat but a Thorntons chocolate shop with attached cafe is pretty sophisticated for Barrow. This place opened a couple of weeks ago at the prime town centre site at the Dalton Road/Crellin Street/Portland Walk junction.

And then the manager, a spotty yoof called Steve Beall from Whitley Bay, was caught mouthing off about the town on his MySpace page, and was found out by our local rag

Last I heard, he was being tarred, feathered, and strapped to the keel of a submarine in Devonshire Dock...
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Here's what the Easter Bunny brought for me this morning:


  • Booked For Murder by Val McDermid (from my wishlist)
  • Samuel Pepys: The Unequalled Self by Claire Tomalin (not on my wishlist so a lovely surprise)
  • A sachet of Sanctuary Warming Charcoal face mask (to conceal my ugly mush)
  • A sachet of Sanctuary Salt Scrub (to renovate my ageing and pustular body)
  • A bag of Lindt Lindor chocolate eggs (to make my body ageing and pustular again but what the hell!)
  • A bar of Montezuma Dark Chocolate and Chilli (just plain yummy)
  • A Lindt Gold Bunny (oh dear what has just happened to his ear!)

Thank you Rose (rahar109)

(Would some kind soul like to pass on this information to the appropriate place? Thank you!)
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The Easter Bunny came to call this morning.

Somebody may wish to relay this information to the appropriate place (those who know what the appropriate place is know what it is)
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Today's was called World's Best Gianduja? by Charles Chocolatier

It takes the form of a simple cuboid wrapped in gold paper. The predominant flavour is of hazelnuts, which means it isn't going to be my favourite, but the chocolate itself was creamy, with just a hint of a bitter afterbite. The texture was delightfully silky.
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I've been trying to keep this a secret, but...

... look what landed on my doormat this morning!

The introductory box from the Chocolate Tasting Club.

Why am I wearing a big silly grin? Especially as I'm rationing them strictly.
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To punish me for the unforgivable sin of running out of biscuits late last night, Tosca sent me out in the bitter wind to get her a new bag of biscuits. Tosca won't eat just any old biscuits of course. They have to be Waitrose biscuits, and that means a trip across the Thames.

While I was there I found some poor lonely waifs that nobody wanted, so that Waitrose had cut their price to try to get rid of them.

How cruel can people be? I couldn't not liberate some of them could I?

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On the first Thursday in November my veg man brought to me:

  • Eight carrots of assorted sizes, with foliage and tied into a bunch. I like these raw but am less keen on the clloying sweetness they add to a casserole.
  • Eight Cosmos potatoes
  • Six onions in a net
  • Three huge parsnips. I likes parsnips, I does!
  • Two bars of {yum} organic {slurp} chocolate - one dark, one milk.
  • Two small pumpkin-like squashes. I'm accumulating quite a lot of these so I'll have to think of a use for them.
  • Two leeks
  • One cauliflower
  • A bag of swiss chard. I've developed quite a taste for the stuff but I do feel a bit overwhelmed!
  • And a small white and black cat. Oh, sorry, that's not part of the delivery, it just appeared in the box.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the alarming quantity of lush Deb'n soil that's gone all over my living room carpet :S


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