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Bookcrossers reading this page who are interested in keeping up with news of the 2010 UK Unconvention in the autumn of next year may like to know that they can get a feed of news as it happens by syndicated feed by adding [livejournal.com profile] ukuncon2010 to their friends list.

The first job for you to get involved in is to help us to decide where the Unconvention is to be held. The choice is between

  • Chester - Roman ruins; mediaeval walls; exotic shops; river trips and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
  • Nottingham - Byron, Lawrence and Sillitoe; funky trams; Robin Hood and Ye Olde Trippe to Jerusalem
  • Swindon - Magic roundabouts; railway memorabilia; stone circles; Literary Detectives and a Dog in the Nighttime.

STOP PRESS: Unconvention news also available on Twitter - just follow uncon2010!
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NSS Autumn Surprise

I have Lauren - bigcurlyloz - to thank for this superb package. Look at all that salmiakki - I love the stuff and it's impossible to get hold of in the UK!
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Many thanks to Jalna and Feisty the Honorary BC Dog for this goody-stuffed package.
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NSS Autumn Surprise

This year's Autumn Surprise - we are given this option this year for those who are indifferent to Hallowe'en (except in respect of the proper placement of an apostrophe) - comes from emlar, whose LJ account, if she has one, is not known to me.

The book will keep me out of mischief for a couple of days. Unless I decide to reread it immediately, which is always possible with dear Reg, in which case it might see me through the weekend!
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I've been spoilt rotten by [livejournal.com profile] scotsbookie


Thank you, Audrey. Fab Stuff, indeed!

And look who came to see if any of it was for him?

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Under the monument

It was a speculative idea to invite bookcrossers to meet for a Bay Area Bookcrossing Encounter (BABE) under the Ashton Memorial in Williamson Park, Lancaster, and right up to the stroke of noon yesterday, as I shivered in a chilly breeze, I was wondering if anybody would turn up. But they did, and the day must be counted a success.

The Ashton Memorial - which I like to think of as Lancashire's answer to the Taj Mahal - will be familiar to travellers on the M6 and the West Coast Main Line. I'd never seen it close up before but it is pretty impressive.

Round the table, clockwise from left: Alison (Blaze30), her partner Chris, Jenny (Jalna), Willa (the younger of the two Mouseorganmice), Claire (Clairemagnolia), Norm (Normy). Not visible in the picture are Owen, the elder Mouseorganmouse, Claire's partner Steve, Norm's partner John, and the dogs Sally/Pog and Feisty the HonoraryBCDog, who was busy flinging herself at everybody in the park in hopes of making friends.
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Nearly there

I'm breaking in a new pair of walking boots, ready for a new assault on the Fells and a new season of high-level book-releasing. So I thought I'd start off very gently with an amble up to the Sir John Barrow Monument on Hoad Hill, near Ulverston.

At only 110 metres it's not very demanding but the view from the top is pretty good and far-reaching even on a hazy day like today. It's a cousin of one of my other favourite places to while away an hour or so on a balmy summer day: the Tyndale Monument at North Nibley in Gloucestershire.

Naturally, it wouldn't be right not to wild release a book up there, so there goes Crack Down by Val McDermid...


You can see more pictures from the trip here.
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NSSEB 2007

Thank you [livejournal.com profile] lutrus for being my Easter Bunny and spoiling me rotten. And Happy Birthday to you too!
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After my five minute slot yesterday to mark the British version of World Book Day (the rest of the world marks it on 23 April but what the hell), I have been invited to contribute a ninety-second Thought For The Day to BBC Radio Cumbria, with the option of more Thoughts to come.

I've just written my script, and shortly I'll be off to the studio to record it. Wish me luck, won't you?
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Not-So-Secret Valentine

Once again my Bookcrossing partner has put me to shame. Thank you Lucy!

Barrow OBCZ

Jan. 5th, 2007 10:59 pm
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Barrow OBCZ shelf, 5 January 2007

Meanwhile, back in the Last Resort Coffee Shop in Cavendish Street, the OBCZ shelf looks like it needs replenishing!
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Not So Secret Hallowe'en Surprise!

Those crazy Bookcrossers have been NSS-ing again, and this is what came from my Not-So-Secret Surpriser, Karen aka KitKat8!

To whit:

* One pointy hat in black and orange
* One zip-up beastie in orange and black with jelly sweets inside
* One strip of blood-filled bat sweets with accompanying bat
* One pack of incense sticks
* One pumpkin-shaped candle
* One Tintin bookmark
* Parzifal, by Wolfram von Eschenbach: from the very earliest days of European story-telling
* A Clubbable Woman by Reginald Hill: the debut of Dalziel & Pascoe and one of the few in the series that I haven't already read
* Let It Bleed, by Ian Rankin: from the usually-compelling Rebus series
* The Metaphysical Poets: Full of wonderful C17 pomes (and full of quotes that will be famiilar of fans of The Amber Spyglass)

Thank you, Karen!
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This is what was in the Black Box from [livejournal.com profile] anglersrest.

Thank you, Julie!
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I took the train round the Bay to meet Normy and XLonelyGuy for lunch at the Chill Juice and Smoothie Bar on the seafront at Morecambe.

Afterwards I had a wander round on this most typically English Seaside day - paying homage to Eric of course, who looks here as though he is dancing on the sands. Then I went to Lancaster to have a look round the shops - and stock up at the excellent Single Step wholefood shop - thanks Normy for telling me about it.

It rained a lot and I arrived home feeling very damp!

More pictures here.
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Well, we've done the sea and today, which was blisteringly hot down at sea level, seemed like a good day to start work on the mountains in search of a refreshing breeze.

Read awl abaht it 'ere )


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